Today: Jun 23, 2024

Bajaj Finance Q3: Profits soaring, provisions climbing. Key things ahead.

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In the quarterly results published today, Bajaj Finance is expected to report a surge in profit of over 20% for the third quarter, with provisions also expected to rise. Analysts are predicting a profit of around Rs 3,760 crore, with net interest income projected to rise by 30-35%. Despite the positive outlook, concerns have been raised over the potential decline in net interest margin, which is expected to be in the range of 10.1% to 10.5%.

Key points:

  • Analysts predict a profit surge of over 20% for Bajaj Finance in Q3
  • Provisions are expected to increase
  • Net interest income is projected to rise by 30-35%
  • Net interest margin is expected to decline

In addition to these figures, there are other key elements that analysts will be watching closely. One important aspect will be the performance of Bajaj Finance’s asset under management (AUM), with analysts hoping that it will continue to grow at a healthy rate. The customer base growth and new loans booked will be crucial indicators of the company’s ability to sustain growth momentum and scale up new products. Another area of concern is the credit cost and asset quality, with stability expected quarter on quarter.

It is clear that Bajaj Finance is expected to deliver strong results for the third quarter, with profit and net interest income projected to rise significantly. However, concerns exist over the decline in net interest margin and the potential increase in provisions. Investors and analysts will closely monitor the company’s asset management growth, credit cost, and asset quality in order to assess the sustainability and future prospects of Bajaj Finance.