Today: Jun 23, 2024

FinTech Scotland’s collaboration with national startup program will revitalize the sector

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TLDR: FinTech Scotland Partners with Techscaler to Galvanize Fintech Sector

Key Points:

  • Partnership between FinTech Scotland and Techscaler aims to scale up Scotland’s fintech sector
  • More than 200 fintech companies will gain access to education, accelerator network, and support system

A new partnership between FinTech Scotland and the national tech startup support programme, Techscaler, is set to ‘galvanize’ the fintech sector in Scotland. This collaboration will provide over 200 fintech companies with access to tech education, accelerator network, and support system, with the goal of ‘scaling up’ innovative fintech firms in the country. FinTech Scotland’s community will benefit from Techscaler membership benefits, while Techscaler members will gain insights and knowledge from FinTech Scotland, fostering cross-sector synergies.

Under this partnership, scaling firms affiliated with FinTech Scotland will have access to comprehensive benefits offered by Techscaler membership, including mentorship, educational courses, and community events. This will enhance collaboration opportunities and support growth for fintech innovators in Scotland. Techscaler runs various programmes such as Startup First Steps, Startup Next Steps, and Reforge, with a focus on bringing Silicon Valley playbooks and best practices to tech founders in Scotland.

FinTech Scotland, a cluster management organisation, looks after 226 SMEs employing over 10,500 people, with a significant portion at the scale-up stage. The collaboration between FinTech Scotland and Techscaler ensures that fintech-focused members receive the most relevant support to address sector-specific challenges and tap into a broader ecosystem. This partnership will be marked by a Founder Roundtable event to gather insights from fintechs and industry leaders, shaping future activities and support mechanisms for the fintech community in Scotland.

Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead praised the partnership, highlighting how it will further strengthen Scotland’s tech ecosystem by sharing knowledge and supporting growth. This collaboration signifies a positive step towards the continued evolution of Scotland’s vibrant fintech community.