Today: Jun 23, 2024

Zurich Insurance collaborates with Klook for flight delay solution.

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Key Points:

  • Zurich Insurance and Klook have partnered to introduce FlyEasy, a solution to address flight delays by offering lounge access to affected passengers.
  • FlyEasy aims to provide immediate support to travellers experiencing flight disruptions by departing from traditional insurance practices.

In a collaborative effort, Zurich Insurance and Klook have launched FlyEasy, a solution designed to provide lounge access to customers facing flight delays. This partnership between the global insurance provider and the leading travel platform seeks to enhance the travel experience for individuals encountering disruptions in their flights. Powered by Zurich Edge’s digital insurance processes, FlyEasy aims to offer hassle-free coverage while meeting the changing demands of modern travellers.

Singapore residents with eligible policies under Klook Protect can register their flight details on Zurich Insurance’s FlyEasy platform at least 24 hours before departure. Upon confirmation of a flight delay, customers will receive a notification email and SMS with a lounge access code. If no lounge is available at the current location, the access code remains valid for six months for use at any other airport lounge.

This collaboration highlights Zurich Insurance’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance customer experiences and address the challenges faced by travellers. By offering immediate support and departing from traditional insurance practices, FlyEasy aims to make the travel experience smoother for customers affected by flight delays.