Today: May 19, 2024

Plazo teams up with Meeting Pros, revolutionizing the FinTech game.

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TLDR: Spanish FinTech company ID Finance has partnered with Meeting Pros, a platform that offers legal, medical and veterinary advice, to enhance its financial wellness app Plazo. The collaboration will enrich Plazo’s services by giving users access to professional consultations in these sectors.

Spanish FinTech leader ID Finance has announced a strategic partnership with Meeting Pros, a platform that provides legal, medical and veterinary advice. The partnership aims to extend the services available through ID Finance’s financial wellness app, Plazo, offering users not just financial management tools but also professional advisory services. Meeting Pros has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide round-the-clock advice across legal, medical and veterinary fields. The partnership will see legal advisory services integrated into Plazo, with plans to add medical and veterinary assistance at a later date. Carlos Estrada, CEO of ID Finance, said the partnership will help Plazo continue its commitment to innovation and customer service, while Claudia Pierre, CEO of Meeting Lawyers and promoter of Meeting Pros, said the collaboration “makes a lot of sense” and will be appreciated by Plazo’s users.