Today: Jun 23, 2024

Onfido: The World’s Best in Automated ID Verification

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TLDR: Onfido, a global leader in automated ID verification, has launched Compliance Suite, an all-in-one ID verification solution that helps fast-growth businesses expand into new markets and meet local regulatory needs. Compliance Suite includes qualified electronic signature (QES) and one-time password (OTP) capabilities, as well as no-code compliance workflows, eliminating the need for multiple niche services and allowing businesses to focus on growth. The enhanced offering has passed conformity assessment board checks and will benefit Onfido’s customers across core European markets. Lemonway, a leading pan-European payment institution, is set to benefit from Compliance Suite.

Onfido, founded by three friends at the University of Oxford in 2012, has partnered with over 1,200 businesses globally to simplify digital identity. With the launch of Compliance Suite, the company aims to provide a comprehensive verification offering that streamlines the onboarding process and addresses regulatory needs in multiple markets.

Compliance Suite introduces QES and OTP capabilities, as well as no-code compliance workflows, to Onfido’s Real Identity Platform. This enables businesses to customize their onboarding workflows based on local regulatory requirements, keeping bad actors out and boosting customer conversions.

The launch of Compliance Suite is expected to benefit Lemonway, a pan-European payment institution, as it expands its partnership with Onfido. Lemonway is looking to address regulation across multiple countries while maintaining a high-quality user experience for its customers.

“Onfido’s Compliance Suite will help us meet local compliance regulations in all the countries we are expanding in, while maintaining the consistently high-quality user experience our customers have come to expect,” said Jeremy Ricordeau, COO at Lemonway.

Overall, the launch of Compliance Suite by Onfido is aimed at simplifying ID verification and compliance for fast-growth businesses, allowing them to expand into new markets and meet regulatory needs more efficiently.